Monday, October 26, 2009

1000 gifts

So much to catch up on!

one hundred twenty-one.

A beautiful day in Detroit to run the marathon relay and family to cheer me on.

one hundred twenty-six & seven.

Really good conversation with Kevin about parenting and "Where the Wild Things Are," both of which helped me let go and feel peace about Ellary's emotions.

one hundred thirty-five.

My mom's visit: endless kisses and love for Ellary, delicious time in the kitchen with me, and clean baseboards.

one hundred thirty-three.

Fall moments with Ellary.

one hundred thirty-eight & nine.

Grace for arrogance, insecurity and listening to myself talk. Repentance and peace.

one hundred fifty-seven.

Living here.

one hundred fifty-eight thru sixty-five.

More CSA bounty:

butternut squash
delicata squash
acorn squash

holy experience


Heather said...

I love this. Just makes me want to go and make some pumpkin soup :)

deb said...

love the swing pics, and her leggings!

Linda said...

A lovely list - and such beautiful pictures. I'm a grandma too and love the parts about your mom!

Mom said...

Oh, yeah! I miss you all!!!

Dad said...

Gootz -- deeply appreciate your emerging joy in Christ and the life He gives you. Thanks! I'm smiling more these days because of you and your girl. (and your boy) Dad

Anonymous said...

Meghan, You are a GORGEOUS mother. I cannot believe how grown up you look. Your inward beauty makes you shine even brighter. Greatful for you and our friendship...deep love ever changing with each phase. Praising God for you and your life's mission.

Michelle said...

Beautiful list:) Thank you for sharing so we can praise Him together!