Friday, August 29, 2008


Today, Krysta posted this link to some free music:

So far, I am enjoying me some JJ Heller; however, I decided to putz around on her website and found her blog. Turns out she's due to have a baby girl six days before me, and she has graced us with some lovely photos of her nursery (compliments of Lovely Little Things). If you're interested in decorating, you should really check it out.

Forgive me for feeling slightly deflated when I contemplated the current state of things in my own little girl's room:

Yikes. It's not even the right color.


Krysta said...

Let me know if you need a painting buddy. I am happy to help. :)

jenni said...

We were still painting and putting things together (like her crib) the week I was due. Ellie never knew. :) I do hope you will post finished pictures though - I'm excited to see!