Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This "Sixteen Random Things About Oneself" meme is going around Facebook. Thought I'd post mine here as well.

1. I may be able to tell you about your personality simply by observing your hand gestures. Not always--but most of the time. I got into the science of personality (mainly Myers-Brigs) thanks to the Boese family and then again when I spent some time in counseling, where I realized that I had been trying very hard to act out of a personality that was not my own.

2. Speaking of personality, I've got quite the quagmire going on. I'm creative, but I'm not productive. Got lots of half-finished projects around here and MANY ideas trapped in my brain with little hope of release. Poor things.

3. Speaking of ideas, I'd really like to be a writer. As in, it's my job. I get paid to write.

4. Speaking of writing, I have a blog. You are welcome to view it: Hey, thanks for stopping by!

5. Speaking of blogs, I've got a nasty habit. I currently have 48 sites on my blogroll. I've also recently become mildly obsessed with Twitter.

6. Speaking of nasty, I'm already sick to death of this clever little "speaking of" gimmick I was trying out.

7. If I could have my way, I would live in Lafayette Park in downtown Detroit, and once the Dequindre Cut is finished, most days I'd walk to Eastern Market or the river with Ellary in the Moby wrap or her stroller. (This life can currently be seen lived out at Sweet Juniper. Guess I'm not that creative after all).

8. Ironically, I almost have my way, considering I live on the Northside in Ann Arbor, and I walked down to the river with Ellary in the Moby wrap a couple days ago. The Farmer's Market is just a few blocks further. I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE Ann Arbor and would miss it very much if we move to Detroit.

9. I might be a feminist, but not in the traditional sense of the word. I'm not really sure. I think women are the bomb-diggity. I could talk all day about this. Sub-topics: "On the Ability of a Woman To Carry a Child Inside of Her and Then Give Birth To It," "The Importance of Women Leading Relationally In the Church," "My Beef With The Pill," "Why There's a Good Chance Any Gift You'll Get From Me Was Made By a Co-op of Refugee Widows," and "Don't Even Get Me Started On Abortion; I Am Not Happy." This will be my only controversial random. Most likely.

10. I'm a total sucker for golden retrievers, and I have a special voice for them.

11. I'm currently reading a fantasy novel by Robert Jordan and loving it. I mention this, because I am learning not to be embarrassed about it. Up till now, I am sorry to say that I have been nothing but pretentious about my literary preferences. Turns out one can let one's guard down and find joy in the pages of a hideously illustrated, shiny-gold-entitled paperback.

12. Sushi! Sushi sushi sushi! Sushiiiiiiiiii!

13. I'm on Zoloft for postpartum depression. I mention something semi-private like this because I think it's important for women to discuss what this phase of life can be like. Maybe it's because many mothers forget about the hard parts, but I don't feel that I was sufficiently warned. I'd like to be there for people who are also struggling. You go, Brooke Shields!

14. No really, my baby actually IS the cutest.

15. Most of the furniture in my home is from Ikea. It looks like a stinkin show room in here.

16. My husband handled baby duty tonight and brought me dinner in bed. You can imagine what kind of guy HE is.


dem said...

1. thanks for the list. i love your writing.
2. we should hang out soon.. by soon i mean, whenever, you know, have some time, because i'd really like to cuddle with your darling girl while we chat about life.
3. i own about 5 robert jordan books.

Krysta said...

On #6...I almost wrote something very similar on my list. Don't you wish there was a word for what we are since feminists has so much associated with it?

Katie said...

I love your writing, meghan. I'm with you on #2--you should see how many knitting projects I have stashed away in drawers. I get one really great idea and have to start it immediately, then I get about 1/3 of the way done and get another really great! idea and have to start it immediately, and so on. #15 is just like our house, too. All ikea, all the time.

In other news, Ethan is enthralled by the picture of Ellary you guys sent. He carries it around the house and makes everyone look at it, saying, "Look at the baaaaaby! Isn't she pretty?" It's so sweet :)

Ciara said...

Thanks for posting your sixteen here (since some of us aren't on facebook, believe it or not!)!

As for #3, if you wrote a book, I'd buy it. :) Would that count as getting paid to write?

Also, my brother and sister-in-law live in Lafayette Park, in the 1300 tower. I hope one day you guys can be neighbors... assuming, of course, that I live down there too!

And about #14... she IS really cute, definitely in the Top 5. ;)

jh said...

i love your randoms. and i love how they reminded me so much of you--of course they would, but reading about myers-briggs and the dequindre cut and feminism and pretentious literary tastes and wanting to be a writer and being upfront about life as it is--yes! that all brings me much joy. :) you're a special person meghan. and ellary has got quite the cool mom. i can't wait to meet her!!

Erin said...

With my Facebook friends, it's not 16 it's 25! I feel compelled to participate, though.