Saturday, May 26, 2007

kellogg street

As a quick update to the ever-shifting home-buying saga, Kevin and I put an offer on an itty bitty condo on Kellogg Street yesterday. It's a block from the river, a block from the train tracks (big PLUS in my book), within easy biking distance of campus and within walking distance of Kerrytown and the farmers' market. Not to mention the Malones and Karl would be practically next door. I'm thinking of asking Mike and Natalie if I can have a little garden plot in their yard, and maybe, just maybe, a corner for compost. They have a huge yard. Luckies.

Who knows though. We totally low-balled the homeowner and she barely budged in her counter offer. We're increasing our offer by a little and if she doesn't accept, it's on to other six condos in this complex that are for sale. This one was particularly lovely on the inside, though. I'd like to live on Kellogg Street I think.

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